Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long has Coffee News ® been in existence?
A: Coffee News® was originally created and founded by Jean Daum in Winnipeg, Canada, in 1988. Now, an international franchise with more than 1100 publishers in 22 countries and 8 languages, we’re serving up smiles all over the world.

Q: What is your circulation?
A: Coffee News® is strategically located wherever people are waiting for service. Look for us everywhere from fine dining and fast food, to commuter lots and waiting rooms.

Q: Can I subscribe to Coffee News®?
A: You cannot currently subscribe to Coffee News®. It is a free publication distributed primarily at restaurants or any other place where you might have some time to read while waiting.

Q: How often do you publish and where are you distributed?
A: New issues are distributed weekly. For a list of our distribution partners, click here.

Q: Can restaurants advertise in Coffee News®?
A: No. As a courtesy to all of our restaurant and coffee shop partners in the area, we offer the protection that no business in the restaurant industry will be allowed to advertise in Coffee News®.

Q: How much is an ad?
A: Ads in Coffee News® are less expensive than other print media, so the small business person can easily afford to advertise. You can advertise in Coffee News® for a fraction of the cost of other media! So unless another company in your “category” of business is already advertising in the edition, it is open to you. Remember all ads in Coffee News® are “EXCLUSIVE”, meaning we only allow one type of business in each edition, allowing our advertisers to LOCK OUT their competition – unlike any other publication in town!

Q: Why do you require a long ad campaign?
A: A good ad is like a seed for a fruit tree. Repetition is its water. Weekly consistency is its sunlight. The longer your seed is allowed to grow in the mind of the public, the greater and greater your harvests will be. What size harvests do you want to see?

Q: How do I pay for the ad?
A: Payment is required in advance and can be done by check, Visa or MasterCard.

Q: Do I need to design the ad?
A: No. Ad design is included in the advertising rate. You only need to provide the information you would like in the ad and specific logos & graphics.

Q: Can I change an ad now and then?
A: Yes, you can. There is never a charge for minor ad changes, which may be done in person, over the phone or e-mailed.

Q: Can I use my business card as an ad?
A: No. Business cards make good business cards not effective ads. We will work with you to design an effective ad using your logo and applicable graphic